A Message from Our President

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Our Unit 117 just held a totally successful Sectional Tournament in our new home. To all of you who came and played, brought food, helped Jean with the setup, cleanup and other parts of the hospitality…thank you, thank you, thank you!

Our numbers were up 40 (forty) tables from our June Sectional last year. Even if we take into account that last year was on Father's Day which made participation not as optimum as it would otherwise have been, we still far exceeded expectation. What does this mean to us? It means that we banked around $5000 for this tournament. YEAH!!! We still have two more tournaments coming up before the end of the year, so we are doing wonderfully.

Particular thanks go to our fine Directors, Jackie Merkel and Brad Bartol. Their steady demeanor and planning made things run smoothly. Thanks to Kit Overpeck, who stayed an hour and a half after the tournament each night to help the Directors set up for the next day and lock up. Kudos to Jean Donoho, the hostess with the most, for always giving more than she should, in every venue. There is not job in the Unit that Jean hasn't held, and each excelled. Jean's committee worked tirelessly so that the food looked wonderful. The mess was kept to a minimum and people ate sumptuously. To all of you who donated food, thank you. You are the most generous group of people I have ever met and you make us look good. Thanks to our two new, young caddies. They kept a smile on their faces and were efficient to the max.

We are hosting the Non-Life Master Tournament in August. I hope all of you, even life masters and above will work to help make this tournament as great a success as our last. And then in the Fall, replacing the Barren River Tournament in October, will be a two-day Swiss Tournament. Prior to the Swiss Tournament, we hope to have some practice games so that those of you who are not as familiar with this type of game can learn and excel.

Again, thank you so much for all that you did to make this tournament and Unit a success.

Welcome to Louisville Bridge Association!

The Louisville Bridge Club, Unit 117, offers games every day and night except for Tuesday and Saturday evenings, when there are occasional special events. For more information call the bridge center, or the director for the game you prefer.

Thank you for all of the comments on the new LBA web site. They have been mostly very positive with a sprinkling of suggestions how we can make it better, and a few complaints about "things not quite working right on my system or device". As you will note, not all of the links are currently active but will soon be on a staggered rollout effort. If you click on a link and nothing happens, just assume it is not yet active.

Let me offer some suggestions for making your experience more enjoyable:

  • While we implemented as simple as model as possible, we adhered to the 80/20 rule in that the site will work as intended on 80% of the systems out there. We are working on the remaining 20%. We will NOT however, guarantee that the site will work as intended on older systems and browsers such as Internet Explorer 8 or earlier, nor EVERY mobile device out there. We have a mobile device version in the works but it will be at least six months before it is implemented. So, once again, please be patience while your volunteers work to make this a reality.
  • The main problem seems to be with the dropdown menu on android phones. If that is your problem, try clicking here to get our Site Map. This will at least allow you to check results. We will try to come up with a more complete solution in the future

Finally, anyone who has news that would be of interest to the unit members please send it along to me, Bill or Vangie. This also includes singificant rank accomplishments, obituaries, tournament results, just about anything. Also, I am once again doing the Midwest Monitor for Unit117 so please send anything to go out there to me as soon as possible.

...From the Diary of a Bridge Savant...

I have played in many of the top-level pair events the ACBL has to offer, and I have had my usual mix of successes and failures. I have finished in the top ten of the entire event, and I also have finished last on the first day. Interestingly enough, it was with the same partner. I have many stories of amazing feats and abysmal failures. The greatest of these events-- and the event that holds the most value for me-- is the North American Pairs (NAP).

Most pair events held by the ACBL have only a limited number of participants. Most of these events have about 300 pairs. Compared to the total membership of the ACBL, the number of pairs participating in the event is negligible. The NAP is different. The NAP is a grassroots event with three levels of qualification. The first level is the club level. The second level is the unit level. (ed. note-- D11 does not require unit qualification. This means there are only club and district level qualifications.) The third, and final, level of qualification is the District level. This means that any player that participates in a Club-level qualification game has participated in the entire event. Fundamentally, this participant has had a direct role in determining the winner of the entire NAP event.

The most interesting aspect of the NAP is the removal of wolves and sheep. In many of the other pair events, a participant will play against both the elite of the ACBL and those who just want to say that they participated. In these events, there are no stratifications or differing levels of competition. In the NAP, however, not only are there three different levels-- these levels only compete against themselves. There is the top level which is over 2500 points. There is the middle level which is between 500 and 2500 points. Finally, there is the bottom level which is less than 500 points. In addition, a life-master cannot play in the bottom level.

For these reasons and more-- of all the major pair events-- I find the NAP the most pleasing. It sets something within my soul alight to be able to compete solely against people approximating my own level. This, to me, is the truest test of my ability-- can I successfully compete when there are no wolves and no sheep.

This diary entry will remain on the home page through August when the NAP qualifying games conclude. Additional diary entries can be found in the Savant Diary section under Lessons & Seminars.

Tribute to Joe

A very important message from our web site developer and manager:

I hope you like the new LBA web site. I highly welcome suggestions for improvement or change. My primary goal is to make the site easy to access and navigate. Over time, we will be adding many new features including a history page with many old photos and stories, a bridge problem page where anyone can share a story involving a bridge problem, a blog, and much, much more.

I would like to dedicate the new site to Joe Wright. Joe is a long-time LBA member who tirelessly toiled for many years to ensure that members had a way to look up game times and results, as well as receive timely news. This is not an easy job and all of us owe Joe a big THANK YOU for everything he has done over the years. He is now retired and enjoying other facets of life including now finding time to actually play some bridge. Thank you Joe. I could not have gotten this far without you having blazed the trail.

- Ralph Letizia, Web Site Manager